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On these pages, you can learn all about the different purebred dog breeds that are recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. Our members are more than willing to assist you in your decision to have a new puppy or adult dog join your family. Our members are committed to the responsible ownership of dogs. Ensuring you are making the right choice in your new family member is a responsibility we take seriously.

Take your time to research the type of dog you are looking for. They come in all sizes and coat types and don't forget about their personalities! All of our different breeds began to suit a specific purpose, whether that be a working dog, hunting dog or even controlling pests. These jobs that they were bred to do went a long way into determining what they look like and what they act like. The Ottawa Kennel Club members and breeders are dedicated to their breed(s) of choice and can be a wealth of knowledge to you.

Sporting (Group 1)
Hounds (Group 2)
Working (Group 3)
Terrier (Group 4)
Toys (Group 5)
Non Sporting (Group 6)
Herding (Group 7)