Judging Schedule for December Obedience Trials is available here.

OKC Members' Meeting Sunday Dec 10 (Read More)

OKC Annual Pot Luck Sunday Dec 10 (Read More)

The OKC has a contest on our Facebook page"theottawakennelclub". The contest will run every week in Oct and Nov, 2017. Each Monday during the contest, there will be a draw from entries received for a gift package to be picked up at our Dec 2 and 3rd Obedience Trials being held at the Training Hall in Carp.. 

Check out our FaceBook page for details, pictures of prizes, contest rules and winners' names.

The Ottawa Kennel Club (OKC), founded in 1887, is Canada's oldest kennel club. Today, our members still share the original passion for dogs that started the club over a century ago.

The OKC promotes the appreciation of purebred dogs and provides opportunities for the public to see them in all the areas of their expertise: in conformation, agility, obedience, hunting, therapy, rescue  - and most importantly as man's best friend.  

We do this most directly through our numerous club events including our spring conformation show, our December obedience trials and our annual CKC Sanctioned Event. All our events are open to the public.

We also promote the conscientious breeding and placing of purebred dogs. All our members subscribe to our written Code of Ethics.

The OKC supports SafePet Ottawa which fosters companion animals for women and their children who exit from domestic violence into the safety of local Violence Against Women shelters.

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